The Buzzard 2

The Buzzard-2 is a rapid deployed 40m thru 6 m vertical antenna. With a ‘top hat’ accessory the 80m band will work well using a counterpoise. The entire antenna collapses down to a handy 48 inch length. The Radiating element is 33′ long and with 3 ‘Buzzard Reel Radials’ a tuner is suggested for the 20m & 10m bands only.
Erecting time is between 15 & 20 minutes depending on the mounting selected. Cotter pins are supplied to prevent accidental collapsing in high winds or temperatures.  A wind direction indicator attached at the top serves as a draw string for quick extension of the small end pole sections.
The fiberglass mast is a ‘stealthy’ camo green and has survived all complaints from HOA and POA(property owners association) to date.

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