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“Conventional Antennas from Un-conventional Materials”   The ‘buzzard’ is the ultimate expert in       ‘re-cycling’ and
Of course never throws anything away.


The Buzzard-2 is a rapid deployed 40m thru 6 m vertical antenna.

The 7 Band Retractable Dipole (NVIS) made from chalk line reels makes for rapid deployment and fits into a quart size sandwich bag. Coverage: 10 thru 40 meter bands.  Original design by Neal Johnson KC4LU of Talbott, TN.  

 The Buzzard VHF & UHF ground planes are made from a re-cycled juice cap and solid brass elements that can be use as a base or a rapid deploy portable antenna. Minimum surface area allows for emergency use in hurricane force winds (tested).

The Buzzard J-pole is made from 300 ohm ribbon and an RG58 cable with a BNC connector. Adaptors for use with hand held xcvrs make it an ideal improvement over the ‘rubber ducky’ antennas and it will fit easily into a small size plastic sandwich bag.

The Buzzard’s notorious eye for scrap means great antennas at a very low cost.

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